Live up to New Year´s resolutions with these green choice apps

Do these apps really help in choosing better, greener products and a carbon aware lifestyle or is it just the few seconds of satisfaction when you hit install?

I would love to hear your experiences, if any…

Having always available smart phone apps helping you making the informed, environmentally aware consumer choices sounds like a great idea, but does it work? Do they change behavior or is it just a feel good idea quickly forgotten?

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Make Smart Green Choices with these Fifteen Smartphone Apps
In many ways, technology has contributed to pollution, deforestation, climate change, and other environmental challenges that we currently face. Not all technology is equal, however. Information techn…

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16 thoughts on “Live up to New Year´s resolutions with these green choice apps

  1. Anything that helps raise awareness is good, but I agree with +Roland Mösl – we need to shift taxes; increase on environmental hostile activities and decreas on other. The fossil fuel industy have long enough been freeriders on society, dumping the cost of pollution and health onto the rest of us.

  2. E don´r know much about smart green phones, but in Denmark we do much to reduce rhe Co2 . We have winmills, we  use the energy from the sun, some few people use the heat from the deep soil to warm their houses and we  are studing the energy from the big waves from the sea. Bur we also spoil nature by travelling a lot by airplanes, and the the big coasters are the big sinners.

  3. +Max Huijgen Even when 10% of consumers consider this in 20% of purchase decisions, it has no influence.

    They will not be able to buy the products, because the market is to small.

    For example electric scooters. Ideal for the city, ideal for the commuter, but very difficult to purchase, because here only very few shops to sell and for service.

    In China are 200 million electric scooters. The government has stopped registration of new gasoline scooters in most cities.

  4. +Max Huijgen This is now complete unrealistic, because there are no electric cars available, only PR-gags, jokes.
    Hybrid brings nothing, only plug-in hybrid with minimum 50 km electric only range counts.

    I am sure not one who wastes money in purchasing a PR gag electric car. I recommend everybody to wait until 2014 when good electric cars like the BYD e6 are available in USA+EU.

    But before electric cars, electric scooters are a great solution  to replace car km.

  5. +5% of cars sold last two months in Norway were EV. It may be a tipping point, and the result of consumer choice – based on government taxation of cars by pollution and government sanctioned advantages with non-pollutant cars (free passage through road tolls, free parking etc.).

    I think government actions not only can but should encourage consumer choice that have a net positive effect on society. It is a win-win for everybody.

  6. Hi Max! long time no see :) for iPhone , i use a couple , not really as rigid guides since i am quite conscious of the environmental impact my activities may have , that said though , i think that anything that keeps awareness forefront will be of some good, since from awareness grows action.
    for droid , i haven't seen too much that is awareness focused,
    Most of the ones i've seen are aimed at children , which is fine since they are more open to tech and change , and in turn kids do have some influence over adult decisions .
    i really think that much of this is closing the gate after the horse gets out , but i guess playing catch-up is better than not playing at all

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